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Note For All Group Classes


We are asked many times about
group sizes, and we feel fortunate that at our school we are able to keep group sizes to a minimum, giving you more opportunities to speak in class, and allowing us to improve the level of education that we can offer you. Therefore, we can guarantee group sizes from 3 to 6 students.

English Fluency Classes

  Improve your spoken English by learning the basic and advanced grammatical techniques to develop your speaking ability. Classes are with a native English speaker who is also a very experienced teacher.

"I find that many students have developed their spoken English to a level of basic conversation, however, they have problems when trying to improve things beyond this. Most students feel that they eventually hit a brick wall with their learning and often give up at this point due to frustration. I am here to help you realise your potential by giving you the skills to break down that wall and develop your spoken English to become more natural and fluent."

I develop your spoken English through the use of:
  • Basic and advanced grammar;
  • Improved vocabulary;
  • The correct use of idioms and expressions;
  • Structured and pre-planned conversation topics;
  • Translating English to English;
  • Thinking in English on a daily basis;
  • Developing skills to look at language in an unorthodox way.

Elementary English Classes

  Specifically designed for those English beginners who are trying to achieve basic speaking, listening, reading, and writing levels in their English. We have found that classes work best when students can commit to two classes per week, one writing and grammar class with a Polish teacher and one speaking class with a native speaker. We get you speaking and writing as quickly as possible through the use of:
  • Specific speaking and listening classes;
  • Writing English accurately through specific exercises;
  • Basic grammar rules to help you improve your understanding of the mechanics of the language.
  • Our carefully selected vocabulary helps you to learn only what you need to begin with - and it is all clearly illustrated within the principles of grammar;
  • Numerous recordings of dialogues, helping you to familiarise yourself with the different types of speech so you won't be surprised when speaking to foreigners.


Matura Preparation Classes

  Matura (basic and advanced) preparation classes for those students who are getting ready for those very important high school exams.

The course will include:

  • English speaking classes with an English native speaker;
  • Help with listening skills and increased auditory understanding;
  • Reading and writing skills to help you easily take care of your matura written assignments;
  • Basic and advanced level preparation classes available.

English For Kids

  kacsperWe are now running new courses for kids who are anywhere from complete beginners to more advanced level.
  • Business vocabulary;
  • Extended grammar;
  • Writing e-mails;
  • Talking on the telephone;
  • Business etiquette;
  • Performing well in meetings;
  • Learning how to negotiate in English.


One To One Classes

  We adapt to your requirements! Classes are 40 or 80 minutes and can take place once or twice a week - just choose the option that best suits you. Classes are with a teacher from the UK who will help you to overcome the language barrier so you gain proficiency quickly.

We offer lessons at all levels - from the basics through to advanced level. Just come on by and give the trial lessons a try, and we will prepare a course for you. If English is needed for your work, we will offer you the language vocabulary typical for your area of work or study (eg the language of business, technical, financial, medical etc).

The advantages of private lessons are:

  • We adapt to you and your needs;
  • Course are prepared to provide you with rapid progress in your level of English;
  • Classes are with an experienced native speaker to help you break the "language barrier";
  • Language vocabulary is available for your trade;
  • You choose the length and frequency of lessons!


English For Businesses

  This offer is addressed to companies that want to invest in their employees. We offer classes at the highest level, so that the students achieve quick results and become proficient at communicating in English.

Our method of teaching is based primarily on expanding vocabulary and thinking in English. We want our students to gain the confidence to acquire the skills to communicate with foreigners without undue stress. We offer courses in general English in addition to the inclusion of elements of the business language needed for your company.

The benefits of our "English for Businesses" courses are:

  • All employees in one group - up to 6 people;
  • Focus on achieving proficiency in speaking;
  • Expansion of vocabulary and popular phrases and idioms;
  • Basic and advanced aspects of grammar;
  • Vocabulary specific to your industry;
  • Classes conducted by teachers from the UK.


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