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Permanent Teachers
Ian   Ian Moran
(British Native Speaker ESL Teacher)

Ian started teaching music back in 1992 and later went on to teach in UK state primary schools until 2002. He then took a change in career direction by becoming a graphic designer which gave him the opportunity to travel the world and work in Australia, Costa Rica and the USA before returning to Europe and settling in Poland in 2009. Despite continuing to design, he also returned to the classroom to teach English and deliver public lectures. He has currently been teaching in Tychy, Poland since 2009. He has a passion for teaching and a genuine need to help his students.

"I like to help my students to improve their English in any way that I can, but my real focus has always been on spoken English and giving my students the tools to make those extra steps forward with their English learning. I like to make students feel comfortable while still creating a productive learning environment. My students are expected to immerse themselves in English, and to try to forget Polish for a while by turning on the English switch that we all have deep down inside our brains."

Weronika   Weronika Werner
(ESL Teacher)

Whilst originally being born in Tychy, Weronika is often believed to be English due to her English language fluency, her northern English accent, and her accurate pronunciation of words. She lived in the UK for a number of years whilst she studied English, French and Italian language at an English university. Since her return to Poland, she has built up her reputation as an English teacher in Tychy and is regarded by many to be one of the most competent and gifted teachers in the city.

"I originally wanted to be a translator of English, but I soon realised that my true vocation was to teach and help others. I love that interaction with my students and that feeling of satisfaction as I see my students making big improvements."

marek   Marek Kucybała
(ESL Teacher)

Marek is our most experienced teacher with 15 years of teaching experience under his belt. He lives in Krakow but still travels to Tychy a few times a week to teach his following of loyal students who love being taught by him for his extensive knowledge of the English language, his friendliness and his sensitivity. Marek teaches English at all levels with the use of various methods to help his students get the most out of their lessons and to ensure that they acquire the language quickly and comfortably.

Anna   Anna Lee
(ESL Teacher)

Anna is a graduate of the Foreign Languages Department at Rzeszów University. She has been teaching English for eight years. She currently teaches various levels and age groups, from children to adults. Her studies and  practices in the UK have allowed her to explore the ins and outs of teaching methodology. She always works hard to make her classes both effective and interesting for all of our students.





ola   Ola Polak
(Children's ESL Teacher)

Ola is an open and sociable student at the Teacher Training College in Tychy.

When she was a little girl, she often dreamt of learning English language and being a teacher.

Today her dream has come true and now she is, of course, a teacher. She explains that teaching children at the school makes her very happy. :)

In addition to languages, Ola is interested in dance and pets - that's what she loves!

Maciek   Maciek Werner
(ESL Teacher)

Maciek is Weronika's cousin. He's a graduate from Applied Languages: English and French at the University of Silesia. Foreign languages are his passion and teaching is a source of great satisfaction for him. Currently he continues his studies at the University of Economics and, as a hobby, he learns from scratch, yet another language - Portuguese. Thanks to that, a pupil's perspective is still very close to him, which proves to be helpful in his English teaching. Maciek's stay in Brussels as a foreign exchange student allowed him to test his linguistic abilities as well as widen his cultural horizons. He's passionate about music and he enjoys playing the guitar and the piano in his free time.


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