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"Lessons with Ian were never boring. Ian has always reminded me of Chandler from the TV series "Friends". His sense of humour and charisma were always able to spice up even the most boring Matura conversation subjects (each class had a different conversation topic). Ian is not your typical teacher - he is a fun and creative person with crazy ideas, and this helped my English to get better remarkably quickly, particularly with speaking. So what more do you want?"

Agnieszka Dobrzyniecka
(Matura Student)
"Ian is one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Lessons with him were always very exciting and fun. He has a very good sense of humor. His lessons have helped me to speak English very well. I highly recommend him."

Magdalena Malcharek
(Matura Student)
"Ian's lessons may be described as:

I - Incredible stories;
A - Amusing discussions;
N - Native vocabulary;

and a lot of unexpected and crazy things happening every lesson!"

Julian Malaka
(Matura Student)
"In my opinion Ian Moran is a very good teacher. Lessons with him are always creative, fun, and definitely worth the time and money.
None of the classes are ever the same. Even a two hour lesson is not enough. Time passes very quickly and nobody is bored. He taught me words and phrases that I couldn't find at any school or in any book. I highly recommend lessons with him."

Waldemar Skupin
(English Fluency Class Student)
"Weronika is a very warm, sensitive and patient person. She has enormous knowledge of the English language, which is passed on in a very pleasant atmosphere. Therefore I am very pleased to learn from someone like this. I very much recommend her."

Barbara Broda-Malon
(One-To-One Student)
"Arriving in Poland as a newly qualified EFL/ESL Teacher was, needless to say, more than a little bit daunting. Teaching alongside other teachers in my position as well as more experienced teachers, it became clear that I needed some extra help with the ins and outs of English grammar. I mean 12 tenses, what’s up with that!? Anyway, after moaning just a little that I was getting no help elsewhere and still struggling, Ian Moran stood up to the plate and offered to help some of the new teachers, including myself. He gave up his own time to make sure we were delivering the best lessons to the students, and that we felt comfortable and confident in our jobs. Moreover, having lived in Poland for some time, he was able to offer us help with all sorts of things. Most importantly, along with other staff, Ian made day to day teaching all the more enjoyable with jokes and laughs a plenty! To sum up, I very much enjoyed working with Ian, and would do so again."

Lauren Howard
(ESL Teacher)
"Ian is one of the finest people I know. Regardless of the age difference, it is very easy to communicate with him, as he is not like your typical English teacher. Ian wants the best for his students, encourages free thinking, and is open to any suggestions and ideas. Each lesson with him was fun, but also included many new things for me to learn. I am glad that I was lucky enough to have such an unusual and imaginative teacher. I know that in the future I will remember the time I spent in his company with a big smile on my face."

Natalia Karpińska
(Matura Student)
"Ian is a great teacher with an unconventional sense of humor. He has an innate talent for improvisation and a willingness to talk about almost any subject, making speaking classes just as they should be. He can easily explain grammar points and can skilfully weave information and examples to help compliment his explanations. He is one of the best, if not the best teacher of English!"

Aleksander Suzdalcew
(English Fluency Class Student)
"Lessons with Ian are very interesting because apart from the typical material resulting from chosen schemes, Ian is able to make an interesting discussion on any topic with the whole group. He is one of the few teachers who draws attention to even minor grammatical errors and he fixes these problems so well. In addition, his explanations are easy to remember and they always stay in my mind."

Arek Ochman
(English Fluency Class Student)
"Ian is talkative, funny, honest, interested in you and how your mind works. I think that this is a good description of the best teacher I have ever had."

Łukasz Mierzejewski
(Matura Student)
"Weronika is a teacher with passion, characterised by her creativity, patience and commitment to her students. I highly recommend her for beginners of English and advanced business students."

Szymon Zeman
(One-To-One FCE Student)
"Ian is an outstanding English teacher. He has extensive teaching experience, and is always well prepared for classes, which he leads vigorously and imaginatively. He is very communicative, and his explanations are enriched with many interesting anecdotes, stories and examples, often enriched with that typical English humour. He can even explain the most intricate and difficult parts of grammar, and he does this so simply and clearly, that it remains permanently in my memory. He has a good understanding of his student's needs when he fixes their language problems, and he makes it all come to life with a good amount of benevolent humour. He is very passionate about teaching and works well with the students in my group. He is even happy to offer help and advice outside of the classroom. He infects his students with enthusiasm, through sharing insights with many examples from everyday life. I always look forward to my classes with him."

Sebastian Malarz
(English Fluency Class Student)
"Weronika Werner is a teacher who can pass on knowledge and interest in English language. She applies various interesting ideas for learning, and provides a friendly, calm, and open atmosphere in her classroom. I think she is a rare gift - exuding a positive energy, and providing an environment for learning English that makes it a pleasure to attend."

Regina Lipecka
(Elementary Class Student)
"I highly recommend lessons with Ian. He has a lot of knowledge to teach his courses and adds a lot of additional enriched vocabulary. 100% guarantee! He taught me for 3 years and I hope that he will teach me again soon."

Bartek Sowiński
(Matura Student)

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